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M5.32 Three significant taxonomic initiatives setup as CDM projects

The implementation of a new electronic infrastructure for taxonomic data processing from the field to the printed publication should involve Users (Taxonomists) from the earliest possible stage of development. The EDIT Work Package 5 involved its User groups from the beginning by organising joint Developer/User-workshops, creating test-versions of important software components (e.g. data-portal, taxonomic editor), and publishing modelling decisions taken in the developers group on the relevant EDIT mailing lists.

M5.22 Revised CDM frozen and documented for Platform release 2

In January 2008, the first Version of the Common Data Model (CDM) was frozen and documented at http://wp5.e-taxonomy.eu/cdm/v1/. This first version is based primarily on experiences using existing data models and formats. It attempts to cover all fields related to taxonomy, so that data coming from different applications can be stored and accessed via a single

C5.077 CDM data interface components available (software)

The Common Data Model (CDM) acts as the central “information broker” within EDIT’s platform for cybertaxonomy architecture. Apart from its role as an advanced storage facility for individual researcher and taxonomic communities it has to communicate with decoupled EDIT platform components such as data portals, (print) publication tools, fieldwork and mapping software, as well as collection databases and specimen information systems (see figure). Consequently, the implementation of CDM interfaces providing and accepting data according to established international biodiversity informatics data standards and quasi-standards is considered essential for the entire EDIT-based taxonomic information workflow.

C5.076 Taxonomic sample data available (data)

For the continued development, testing and assessment of the EDIT Common Data Model (CDM) as well as its related software products (e.g. data portal, taxonomic editor, import/export modules) the availability of real-world taxonomic data sets is essential. In collaboration with WP6 and other taxonomic initiatives, WP5 has organized the availability of eight significant taxonomic datasets and tested their compliance with the CDM model:

WP5.2 and WP5.4 meeting (14-16 May 2007, Tervuren, Belgium)

Partners of WP5.2 and WP5.4 (Geospatial Components of the Cybertaxonomy platform) will organise a workshop at the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium (May 14 to 16 2007). The two first days of the meeting will be a working session of the involved GIS specialists to coordinate the activities, review the current achievements and check the interoperability of the products. On the 16th it is planned to have invited speakers reporting about the Field Module of the Recorder Software, considered to be used for the EDIT Cybertaxonomy Platform to manage ATBI (All Taxa Biodiversity Inventories) information.

Draft Agenda

How to access Museum and Hotel

Bus 830 Airport - Tervuren

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