Taxonomic tool comparison

In order to compare the most objectively as possible some of the taxonomic tools selected in a previous component (C5.47), 2 knowledge bases, one in zoology and one in botany have been translated into 4 taxonomic programs: Delta-Intkey, Linnaeus, Lucid and Xper2. These bases are available here: For the Delta-Intkey felin knowledge base click here. For the Delta-Intkey pinus knowledge base click here. Just click on the .ink file to open the knowledge bases.
You can find more informations about the advanges/drawbacks of each tool on a previous news. To read this news please click here To download or to know more about these tools please look at the following links: For Delta-Intkey (available on Windows): For Linnaeus (available on Windows 98, ME or XP, with at least 32 Mb free RAM memor and Mac OS X 10.1 or higher): For Lucid (Multiplatform and Java Virtual Machine needed)):
For Xper2 (Multiplatform Windows 9x/XP/Vista Linux Mac OS X and Java Virtual Machine needed):
If you have comments about these tools or feedbacks, I would be interested. Please contact me: kuntzelmann at