How can I get help?

The troubelshooting section is still under construction. If you don't find the answer here, please contact us by email:

The CDMServer reports incompatible versions, e.g.: Incompatible version [cichorieae] expected version:, data base version

The version of the database to which the server is trying to connect is not compatible to the software version of the server. Please connect to the database using the Taxonomic Editor and update the database to the current version. Please make sure that you are using the latest stable releases of both, the CDM Server and the Taxonomic Editor

LINUX: Can an underprivileged user start the CDMServer?

Yes this is possible. In order to enable a underprivileged user to start/stop the CDMServer you have to edit the sudoers file (execute: visudo), add the following lines and modify User_Alias CDMUSERS accordingly. You need at least to replace {USER_NAME} with the according user name.

# User alias specification User_Alias CDMUSERS = {USER_NAME} # Cmnd alias specification Cmnd_Alias CDMSERVER = /etc/init.d/cdmserver * # User privilege specification CDMUSERS ALL=NOPASSWD: CDMSERVER

Now the user can stop/start the server by prepending sudo to the command, e.g.: sudo /etc/init.d/cdmserver start

The CDMServer reports Unable to connect or to retrieve version info from ...

The database to which the server is trying to connect is most probably not a cdm data base. I also might be empty.

  1. First of all use your preferred database management program to take a look at the data base. If there is only one table called _c3p0ConectionTest this database was an empty one and you can savely proceed to step 2 in order to intialize the database structure. Otherwise this data base was not empty and might be used for different purposes. Please do not connect the Taxonomic Editor to this database unless you know waht youare doing.
  2. Connect to the database using the Taxonomic Editor in order to create the cdm database.