CDM Server Installation

CDM Dataportal module publishes the data of the CDM Server, therefore an already working CDM Server is a prerequisite for retrieving the data to publish. To learn more about the CDM Server visit the CDM Server's web. To install a CDM Server instance follow the instructions at our cdm-setups web.

Drupal Installation

Since the CDM Dataportal is a drupal module you will need to install at first Drupal (currently we are working with Drupal 7). There are two different possibilities of installing the CDM Data Portal. The first one is installing Drupal 7 and afterwards to enable the CDM Data Portal Module. The second and recomended is to download Drupal with the CDM Data Portal Module installed and already enable to use.

For the first option visit Drupal's site for more information.

You can download the CDM Data Portal module from our download site. For the second option follow the instruction at our cdm-setups web.

CDM Data Portal Configuration

Once you have been installed Drupal and CDM Data Portal Module is enabled you will find how to configure the CDM Data Portal Module inside Drupal itself.

Open a browser and go to your drupal site. Once you are in your drupal web site go to Configuration>CDM Data Portal where you will find a general documentation for configuring the module properly as well as links to specific configurations sites and documentation. We recommend to read and understand the documentation before starting to configure the module.

FAQ and contact

If you have any problems or questions do not hesitate to contact us and to read our famous answer and questions site.