C5.3.1 Survey of existing digital library activity, principles and standards

Component C5.3.1 provides an overview of existing Digital Library activity, taking into account established principles and standards in the field. It examines practices and standards related to the accompanying software specification and other deliverables for work package 5.3. of the EDIT project.
The report starts by examining the definition of the term ‘Digital Library’ in the context of the EDIT project, noting that in this scenario, it relates specifically to a systems or set of software utilities that support the management and delivery of electronic literature and other digital objects of use to taxonomists. It examines key functions to fulfill this, and takes an overview of the types of material that are often held in a digital library. It then examines some existing digital library resources that full-fill a similar function. Appendices cover current defined standards for metadata, image creation, text based object delivery and best practice in collection development policy. The component (C5.3.1) can be downloaded here.
Please note that all remaining deliverables have been renumbered (see the deliverables list here).