C5.2.1.1 Draft functional model and bottleneck report for revisionary taxonomy

As of March 2007, 14 models have been produced from interview, eight of which have been reviewed and posted on the EDIT wiki. The interviews have been targeted towards the criteria for selecting candidates, as agreed at the modeller’s meeting in Berlin during September 2006. These were; geographical coverage, taxonomic group (2 interviews each), environment of taxonomic groups, techniques used, and size of organisation.
Details of these criteria appear in appendix 1. So far, progress is as follows:
- Six out of the eleven European countries making up EDIT (including Russia) have been covered
- Eight out of nine taxonomic groups have been covered at least once.
- Three out of four of the specified environments have been covered
- All three working techniques have been covered
- Both large and small institutions / departments are believed to have been covered
(though some more clarity on the dividing line between the two would be helpful)
At least 4 more interviewing trips are being arranged at the moment. Once complete, these interviews should cover all of the target criteria and complete the interviewing requirements of this stage. To download the C5.2.1.1 component, please click here.
Please note that all remaining components have been renumbered (see the deliverables list here).