C5.51 Draft list of suitable communication/ workgroup tools for platform environment

The task of EDIT work package 5.7 is to “Identify suitable communication tools as platform components and provide test implementations for perusal of work package 6 and (in close cooperation with Operation 7.3.) WP7”. The aim of this component is to draft a list of suitable communication tools for platform environment first. Second, requirements for a suitable platform environment have to be researched and defined. Third, a selection of suitable platform has to be investigated and evaluated regarding the formerly defined requirements. Finally, the results of the evaluation process have to be concluded and should lead in a recommendation regarding the platform to be selected.

Along with these aims, the following sections start with an overview of currently available communication tools in the Internet. Next, a subsumption of the given requirement evolved from the present interview results of the work package 6 modellers is given. Then, the results of the evaluation process regarding a suitable platform environment for communication tools is presented. Finally, the results of the evaluation process are analysed and a final recommendation is educed.
The component can be downloaded by clicking here.