C5.04 Documentation of internal rules for hardware and software and IST resources of remaining EDIT partner

The documentation of the internal decision making
structures of the participating Information Science and Technology (IST)
departments, the documentation of internal provisions, rules and traditions for
the acquisition and use of equipment and software; and the documentation of
relevant hardware and software resources is thus essential:

  • To set up a network
    of contact persons from the IST departments of the EDIT partners institutions
    and beyond
  • To gain a better
    knowledge of the functioning of the IT infrastructures and decision making
  • To identify the
    strengths and needs in term of IT services
  • To identify the
    requirements and IT policy rules
  • To identify at
    early stage potential technical or legal barriers.

The documentation will be an useful reference document
to guaranty that the Cybertaxonomy platform services can indeed be implemented
and used by the institutions in conformity with the locally to be followed IT
policies and in agreement with the local authorities.

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