C5.55 Platform environment circumscribed based on existing standards

As documentation system for the platform the same TRAC Wiki is used that also serves as a project management tool for the platform development. TRAC is one of leading project management tool for software development. The site can be visited at http://dev.e-taxonomy.eu/trac/wiki/PlatformArchitecture and all its sub sites.

For the development and description of the CDM Library the Java Development Framework Maven (maven.apache.org) is used. Maven is a Framework most large Java projects are using for the projects lifecycle processes from validation up to the deployment, documentation etc.

The CDM Library project documentation can be visited at http://wp5.e-taxonomy.eu/cdmlib/site. It includes all standard project documentation as Licence and Contact information, summary, dependencies, bug reporting etc.. Also included are project reports like Java CDM Library API description and documentation (in JavaDoc format) as well as test reports and Source Code access via (Source Xref).