M5.21b 3rd ISTC Meeting held

The 3rd ISTC meeting was held on October 1-2, 2008 at the Department of Biodiversity Informatics and Laboratories at Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum in Berlin. The 3rd ISTC report and the presentations given at the meeting are available on the WP5 webpage http://cybertaxonomy.eu/blog/2007/04/04/istc.

In total 30 persons from 17 institutions have participated in the meeting.

Participants: Agnes Kirchhoff (BGBM), Alain Empain (NBGB), Alexander Kroupa (SMNS), Andreas Hammer (MFN), Andreas Müller (BGBM, only 1st day), Andreas Kohlbecker (BGBM, only 1st day), Anke Hoffmann (BGBM), Anton Güntsch (BGBM), Chris Sleep (NHML), Christoph Häuser (SMHN, only 2nd day), Chuck Miller(MO), Eric Danon (RBINS), Gavin Malarky (NHML), Gerrit Stegehuis (CBS), Gregor Hagedorn (Key2Nature, only 1st day), Henri Michiels(MNHN), Jean Van Onacker (NBGB), Karol Marhold (IBSAS), Kèlètigui Toure (RMCA), Lutz Suhrbier (FUB-INF, only 1st day), Mark Jackson (RBGK), Martin Pullan (RBGE, until 2nd day 10:00), Patricia Mergen (RMCA), Paul Richards (NHML), Regine Vignes-Lebbe (UMPC), Robert Tolksdorf (FUB-INF), Simon Chagnoux (MNHN), Sven Kullander(NRM), Walter Berendsohn (BGBM), Yde de Jong (UvA)

The agenda covered the following aspects:

Integration (WP5.1)

  • Progress report (Anke Hoffmann)
  • Presentation of the platform security/Shibboleth (WP5.7: Lutz Suhrbier)
  • Further ideas for inter-institutional agreements (Memoranda of Understanding)

(1) Agreement on a long term, platform independent, document format
(2) Agreement on the utilization of available global name and classification services

Version 1 of the Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy

  • Introduction: What will be delivered in November (Walter Berendsohn)
  • Platform presentation on the Internet (WP5.2: Andreas Müller)
  • Bibliographic tools (WP5.3: Anton Güntsch for Julius Welby)
  • Geographic tools (WP5.4: Patricia Mergen)
  • Taxonomic core: Taxonomic Editor (WP5.5: Anton Güntsch)
  • Keys and Descriptions (WP5.6: Régine Vignes-Lebbe)                                           
  • Specimen access: Specimen and observation explorer (WP5.9: Walter Berendsohn)

Preparing for the 4th Joint Programme of Activities (Outline & Activity Definition)

The over-all plan was accepted by the ISTC as distributed and presented; only few recommendations were made.

Detailed information about the presentations, discussions and outcome are given in the ISTC report http://cybertaxonomy.eu/blog/2007/04/04/istc.

The 4th ISTC meeting will be in September/October 2009 in Berlin depending on the date of the TDWG conference.