FAQ: Getting Started With the Cyberplatform

Is the Cyberplatform for me?

The goal of the Cyberplatform is to optimize and accelerate the taxonomic workflow, starting with field work, collection and observation, and ending with publication. It is largely geared towards taxonomists working as part of a community wishing to work on shared datasets.

Based on preliminary work modelling taxonomic workflows for all areas of biological taxonomy - botanical, zoological, and viral - the Cyberplatform places a high premium on interoperation with existing taxonomical solutions, and a great deal of work has gone into integration with existing community data standards.

Therefore, if you are a working taxonomist who would like to: make the transition to more modern and networked data tools; seamlessly import and export your data between tools; and share your work with others using standardized solutions, the Cyberplatform is for you.

How can I use the Cyberplatform? How do I download and install individual components?

The Cyberplatform is a mix of applications, web services, and data and search portals. Getting started is a matter of which components you will be using and to what ends.

If you would like to deploy a CDM store, the taxonomic editor, as well as a web portal for your data you should have a look at our new CDM Standard Setup website, which will guide you through three typical installation scenarios.

Web services such as the Map Service and search portals like the Specimen and Observation Explorer return data from EDIT partners based on client and user requests. Note that several of these can be implemented within your institution to serve data to the outside world.

Where can I find technical documentation?

All information about Cyberplatform components in development can be found at the EDIT WP5 Development Wiki.

Where can I find the latest version of the source code?

All source code for Cyberplatform components is open source, and is stored in an SVN repository located at http://dev.e-taxonomy.eu/svn/. More information can be found here.

How can I contribute as a user? As a developer?

EDIT is always looking for users to test Cyberplatform components. If you are interested, please contact the EDIT Help Desk (editsupport |at| bgbm |dot| org).

Interested developers should similarly contact the development team via the Help Desk. A good place to start is by downloading the CDM Java Library.

Where can I find good overviews or publications about the Cyberplatform?

Andreas Müller - one of the lead developers on the CDM team - presented an overview of the Cyberplatform at the TDWG Annual Conference 2008.