C5.57 First CDM Framework Implementation available

The CDM Framework is a library that offers all functionality needed: to persistently store data based on the Common Data Model (CDM), to edit the data and to make it available for other applications.

1) CDM

The supported version of the CDM is basically version 1.0 with some changes made due to: 

a) Programming reasons: some constructs in the CDM proved to be difficult for programmers to implement

b) Experience resulting from using the library for imports and exports, editing the data with the EDIT Taxonomic Editor and exporting data via web-services to the CDM DataPortals.

All these changes will be reflected in CDM version 2.0, to be published in Feb. 2009 (M5.22).

2) Technology

The CDM Framework library is written in pure Java. It supports Java version 1.5 and higher. It makes extensive use of the following frameworks:

a)  Hibernate (www.hibernate.org) to persist data. The Framework is loosely coupled with Hibernate via interfaces, meaning it can switch to other persistence frameworks like iBatis or toplink fairly easily.

b) Spring (www.springframework.org) as an application controlling framework, as well as for realizing loose coupling, security (in future), validation (in future) and other features.     

c) Maven (maven.apache.org) as a project management and lifecycle tool. Compilation and deployment are realized via maven, as is project documentation (wp5.e-taxonomy.eu/cdmlib/site/).

For topics 3-6 please read more here

3) Modules

4) Supported features in version 1.4

5) Future developments / support

6) Documentation