C5.74 Specification of concept-related workflows to be supported by the taxonomic editor (wiki site)

The primary taxonomist’s interface to work with the EDIT platform for cybertaxonomy will be the taxonomic editor desktop application developed by work package 5. The software will be both a tool for capturing taxonomic data according to a specific taxonomic view and a tool for entering different taxonomic views for a particular taxon and the concept relations between views. The design of this software needs as much as possible User participation already in an early development stage. Work package 5 therefore organized a workshop in February 2008 at the BGBM bringing together taxonomists with experience in using concept-enabled editor systems to define the functionalities of the new editor system with a special focus on concept processing an editing.

A Wiki site was set up prior to the workshop containing open questions, which were then successively answered on this site during and after the workshop. In particular the following topics have been covered (see http://dev.e-taxonomy.eu/trac/wiki/ConceptWorkshop):

  • Concept editing
  • Hierarchies and synonymies
  • Rights and roles
  • Implicit behaviour
  • Reports
  • Linking factual data

The site is still open and will be used for further discussions of workflows and related editor functions. The state of discussion as of March 2008 can also be downloaded as a pdf-report from