C5.79 SDD Import/Export module for CDM v1 (software)

To ensure full compatibility of the EDIT Platform with other initiatives, as well as to foment its use as a tool for data integration and access, it was decided to develop a CDM interface for descriptive data. It was decided to use a unique already-existing public standard exchange format for descriptive data: the TDWG-SDD XML schema. This choice was made in accordance with the recent efforts of the developers of several existing tools (DiversityDescriptions [“DeltaAccess”], Xper², Lucid, FRIDA) to allow interoperability with SDD.

In this context, preliminary tests were performed to validate the exchange possibilities between two existing tools (Lucid and Xper²) through SDD. The results were presented at the 2008 TDWG conference in a poster (http://www.tdwg.org/proceedings/article/view/416). These tests underlined the importance of interpretation of the standard but are nonetheless very encouraging for the taxonomic community, who will benefit from the complementary features provided by different existing tools.

Import/export SDD-CDM

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