C5.54 MoU(s) ready to be proposed to directors

For improving collaboration and integration of IST departments within EDIT, two institutional MoUs (approved by the BoD in January 2008) have been now developed and are available up to now. They are based on the same template, i.e. identical except for the understandings or agreements stated in Paragraph 4.

1) Content management system for websites with taxonomic data

2) Data transfer standard for collection unit data.

EDIT partners have been invited to sign up to whichever MoU they can, facilitating an agreement between partners and EDIT. Up to date 10 institutions have signed overall 16 MoUs (tab.1), whereas the MoU “Data Transfer standard for collection unit data (ABCD)” was signed nine times, the MoU “Content management system for websites with taxonomic data (DRUPAL)” only 7 times. Further signatures from e.g. SMNS and MFN are in process.

Table 1: MoUs signed by IST departments

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