M5.32 Three significant taxonomic initiatives setup as CDM projects

The implementation of a new electronic infrastructure for taxonomic data processing from the field to the printed publication should involve Users (Taxonomists) from the earliest possible stage of development. The EDIT Work Package 5 involved its User groups from the beginning by organising joint Developer/User-workshops, creating test-versions of important software components (e.g. data-portal, taxonomic editor), and publishing modelling decisions taken in the developers group on the relevant EDIT mailing lists.

However, the usability of EDIT’s software products will very much depend on User input based on the experiences with deploying the Platform for Cybertaxonomy for real-world applications in the taxonomic domain. Therefore, the three exemplary taxonomic groups organized by work package 6 have been setup as CDM projects by establishing a work flow from data input with several different CDM compliant tools through a CDM data store to an instance of the CDM data portal with a tailored user interface design for the respective taxonomic community.
Additionally, the Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure (PESI, http://www.eu-nomen.eu/pesi/) uses a CDM store for the creation of the PESI data warehouse, a database used as a basis for several taxonomic web-services as well as the PESI portal software. The Euro+Med plantbase project is moving its IT-infrastructure to a CDM data store in 2009 and Fauna Europaea is assessing this possibility in the medium term.

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