C5.094 Report on MoU development to BoD

The ISTC has decided that a co-ordinated international effort is needed to create an Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy, i.e. a distributed computing platform that assists taxonomists to do revisionary taxonomy and taxonomic field work efficiently, expediently and via the web. EDIT initiated a series of MoUs, each identical except for the understandings or agreements stated in Paragraph 4. Four different documents initiated by the ISTC are available up to now. EDIT partners were be invited to sign up to whichever MoU they can

1) Content management system for websites with taxonomic data (DRUPAL)

Signed by 8 institutions

2) Data transfer standard for collection unit data (ABCD)

Signed by 13 institutions

3) Cooperation between the libraries of EDIT partner institutions. (ViTaL)

Signed by 9 institutions

4) MoU names and Classification Services (GNOMA)

Signed by 10 institutions