C5.140 CDM-PESI integration accomplished and tested

The Pan European Species directories Infrastructure (PESI, www.eu-nomen.eu/pesi/) develops and integrated access system to the three major European taxonomic checklists Euro+Med PlantBase (ww2.bgbm.org/EuroPlusMed/), Fauna Europaea (www.faunaeur.org/), and the European Register of Marine Species (ERMS, www.marbef.org/data/erms.php). Additional European checklists will follow as soon as the basic infrastructure has been established. The backbone of the PESI infrastructure is an instance of an EDIT Common Data Model (CDM) Store, which is used to

merge the participating checklists into a unified classification hierarchy, perform data quality procedures and report back to the checklist data providers, and create an export into the PESI data warehouse structure, which is a Microsoft SQL-Server 2008 database optimized for electronic publishing at both portal and web-service level.

In the context of this Component, we have implemented the entire information flow from the source checklists to the PESI data warehouse