C5.073 Workshop with WP7 contributors to geo-platform to review geo-platform functionality

This report presents the key conclusions from the discussions with WP7 and other contributors to the EDIT geoplatform. To have input of the widest community a specific workshop was not organized. But demos and question answers sessions were organized during the 2009 Biodiversity Information Standards Annual meeting in Montpellier (9th to the 13th November 2009, working session “EDIT tutorial for users (e.g. Taxonomic Editor, specimen search, Geo-tools”). Additionally a demo and question-answer session was also organized at the EDIT General Meeting in December 2009, Portugal. It has been compiled by Marcin Gąsior (MIIZPAN) with a generous input from Pere Roca Ristol (CSIC), Patricia Mergen (RMCA) and the colleagues from the EDIT developer mailing list.