C5.124 Report on technical integration of descriptive tools into the Platform

Several tools already exist to manage descriptive data or to use and to analyse these data(Xper², DiversityDescriptions, Linnaeus, or other tools). These tools have hence proven their interest and their accessibility for taxonomists even if they have little or no previous computer experience. As EDIT’s objective is to facilitate sharing of information and access to resources for the taxonomic community, enforcing the use of a new tool would contradict this spirit and then it was then decided to integrate existing descriptive tools into the Internet platform for Cybertaxonomy following the proposal of component 5.50 and the design drawn up in task 5.2.8.To perform this integration new modules were developed: SDD-CDM import/export and CDM input/output functions to include descriptive data into CDM Data portals. This C5.124 describes the technical integration related to the taxonomic editor (to import/export or to edit descriptive data) and to the outputs (to display these data).