C5.143 Pilot implementation of integration with library catalogue and digital literature services

Literature is one of the fundaments of a taxonomist’s daily work. The Virtual Taxonomic Library (ViTaL) is to provide seamless access from within the EDIT Platform components to library catalogue and digital literature services. ViTaL is therefore a key component of the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy. Moreover, the CDM Data Stores are valuable repositories of bibliographic information linked to taxa, and in contrast to library catalogues the records are often on the level of individual articles rather than entire journal or book volumes. Making this data available to digital taxonomic literature services like BHL (Biodiversity Heritage Library) will greatly improve their search capabilities. The Global References Index to Biodiversity (GRIB, http://bhleurope.gbv.de/) has been chosen for the pilot implementation of ViTaL. It is realised by EDIT in cooperation with the BHL-Europe project. Please read more here