C5.151 Sustainability review. A review of the commitments already made and the further commitments

The EDIT ViTaL Activity aimed at building an index of deduplicated references of library catalogues from natural history institution libraries. This index – called Global References Index to Biodiversity short GRIB (http://grib.gbv.de/) is designed to serve scientists in their search for relevant biodiversity related literature and librarians in their task to digitise legacy literature to make it available free and open online. In the beginning of 2010, a cooperation between EDIT Activity 5.3 and BHL-Europe WP2 has been established. This has been done on the basis of shared goals, expressed by the result of the evaluation of the then developed system and the DoW of BHL-Europe. The GRIB will be governed by the BHL-Europe’s WP2 at the MFN. The BHL-Europe project is running through April 2012. Further arrangements have been made with the VZG to continue the established service. MfN and VZG as the leading partners of the GRIB development agreed on a cooperation on the GRIB until February 2020.
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