C5.08 Operational functional model for revisionary taxonomy

One of the central goals of Workpackage 5 is the creation of an internet platform for cybertaxonomy, a collection of online resources designed to enable the scientific community to practise taxonomic work online. In any project involving the design and creation of new software platforms, the first effort must be to fully understand the existing work processes that the software aims to facilitate. To this end, an investigation was undertaken into the current work practises in the field, captured under Component C5.08.
The investigation sought to develop a model of the work of revisionary taxonomy across the EDIT partnership, through gathering information direct from taxonomists who were currently working in the field. Due to the complexity of this task, and the broad scope of the information
sought, it was decided that the most effective method of gathering this information was by direct interview with the taxonomists concerned.
Component C5.08 can be downloaded here.