Connecting the Taxonomic Editor

1. Installing the Taxonomic Editor

If you have not already installed the Taxonomic Editor on your system, please follow the Taxonomic Editor Installation Instructions.

2. Connecting to a CDM Server

 To connect to an existing database

  1. Open MenuGeneralConnect
  2. Select the server and database you want to connect to

Use the demo I server and any of the test databases with "00000" if you only want to test the TaxEditor.

3. Create database for local installation

To create a database on your local machine

  1. Open Menu → Window → Show View → Datasource
  2. Open the Datasource View through Menu → Window → Show View → Datasource open-datasource-view
  3. If you have not configured your editor for different databases before, the Datasource View should contain an entry for your local default datasource labelled "cdm".editor-datasource-view
  4. Right clicking the Datasource View and choose New from the menudatasource-view-new
  5. Type in "xxx" as name for the new datasource, choose MySQL as database type and click the Next buttondatasource-name
  6. Enter the credentials for your databasedatasource-credentials
  7. By clicking the Test Connection button, the TaxEditor tries to establish a connection to the database. If this is not successful, please check the connection and credentials.
  8. Once the datasource is created you may connect opening the connect dialogue (see  2. Connecting to a CDM Server above) and select localhost mgd. as CDM Server