WP5 Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy: tools, sharing, networking, and integration
WP5 Leader: Walter G. Berendsohn (BGBM)
WP5 Scientific Coordinator: Agnes Kirchhoff (BGBM)
WP5 Administrator: Karola Stemmer (BGBM)


Description of work (Months 36 - 53)
5.1 Integration of IST departments; over-all WP5 coordination. Leader: Agnes Kirchhoff (BGBM).

5.1.1 Liaison with Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).
5.1.2 (Completed) Documentation of IST.
5.1.3 Information Science & Technology Committee (ISTC).
5.1.4 Management, coordination and liaison with other Work Packages (WPs).
5.1.5 Promote scientific standards and standard tools.
5.1.6 Ensure sustainability of software components of the Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy.


5.2 Creating the Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy. Leader: Andreas Müller (BGBM).
5.2.1 (Completed) Modelling for Revisionary Taxonomy.
5.2.2 (Completed) Modelling for taxonomic inventories and modelling.
5.2.3 Define additional technical interfaces for non-EDIT applications.
5.2.4 (Deferred to 5.7) Identify suitable communication tools as platform components.
5.2.5 (Deferred to 5.6) Identify suitable descriptive tools as platform components.
5.2.6 (Deferred to 5.2.9 to 5.2.12) Implementation activities: Revisionary Taxonomy.
5.2.7 Implementation activities: ATBI’s and Monitoring.
5.2.8 Designing the Platform Architecture.
5.2.9 Modelling of a Common Data Model (CDM v.2.).
5.2.10 Implementing a Java CDM Library.
5.2.11 Implementing a CDM Community Store.
5.2.12 Implementing CDM Transformation Services.
5.2.13 (completed) Implement Experts Database.
5.2.14 Organise integration of software developments at partner institutions with the EDIT Platform.
5.2.15 Management of developer group.


5.3 Virtual Library of Taxonomic Literature and Documentation as a platform component. Leader: Boris Jacob (MfN).
5.3.1 (Completed) Survey of current practice and requirements, and agreement on standards.
5.3.2 (Completed) Software review and recommendations.
5.3.3 Development of the idex of references.
5.3.4 (Deprecated & included in 5.3.2 & 5.3.6) Planning and implementation of repository.
5.3.5 (Completed) Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
5.3.6 (Completed) Pilot interface development and implementation.
5.3.7 Interface development.


5.4 Geographical platform components. Leader: Patricia Mergen (RMCA).
5.4.1 (Completed) Access to resources.
5.4.2 Provision of output-oriented tools for Revisionary Taxonomy.
5.4.3 (Completed) Predictive distribution modelling.
5.4.4 (Completed) Gap Analysis.
5.4.5 Trials and user documentation.
5.4.6 (Relayed to WP8) Training courses.
5.4.7 Visualisation webservices.
5.4.8 Extended Geoplatform functions.
5.4.9 Integration of Geoplatform with other data sources and formats.


5.5 Taxonomic-core platform components. Leader: Anton Güntsch (BGBM).
5.5.1 (Completed) Identify taxonomic tools.
5.5.2 (Completed) Taxonomic exchange standard specification.
5.5.3 (Completed) Testing of taxonomic database components.
5.5.4 (Completed) Specification of concept-related workflows.
5.5.5 (Completed) Taxonomic editor prototype development.
5.5.6 (Completed) Acquisition and comversion of sample data.
5.5.7 (Completed) CDM data interface development.
5.5.8 (Completed) Fully functional taxonomic editor.
5.5.9 (Completed) Power user interface design and pilot implemenation.
5.5.10 CDM taxonomic editor refinement for platform release3.
5.5.11 Power user interface implementation.


5.6 Descriptive and identification platform components. Leader: Regine Vignes (MNHN).
5.6.1 (Completed) Identify descriptive tools and define criteria.
5.6.2 (Completed) Testing of descriptive and identification components.
5.6.3 (Completed) Interact with providers of descriptive and identification components.
5.6.4 Finalise the development of the SDD Import/Export module for CDM
5.6.5 (Completed) Review of descriptive data in CDM v.1.
5.6.6 Specify user interface for descriptive CDM data.
5.6.7 Continued communication and exchange with taxonomic community.
5.6.8 Technical integration of descriptive and identification components.
5.6.9 Specify and implement CDM Library functionality for the output of structured descriptive contend in textual form.


5.7 Security Infrastructure for platform data exchange and communication. Leader: Robert Tolksdorf (FUB).
5.7.1 (Completed) Identify suitable communication tools.
5.7.2 (Deferrred to WP6) Create the communication platform.
5.7.3 (Deferred to 5.2) Setup open review environment.
5.7.4 Integrate a Community Single Sign-On (CSSO) security infrastructure.
5.7.5 (Cancelled) Integrate Semantic Web Technologies within the platform.


5.8 Publication support as platform component. Leader: Andreas Kohlbecker (BGBM).
5.8.1 (Completed) Review example documents (tagged monographs) delivered by WP6.
5.8.2 (Completed) Develop web monograph pilot system.
5.8.3 (Completed) Specification of data flow within rapid publication platform.
5.8.4 (Deferred to 5.2.3) Implement publication data store.
5.8.5 (Deferred to WP6) Rapid publication platform.
5.8.6 Data portal maintencance.
5.8.7 CDM print publication service.


5.9 (completed) Specimen access platform component. Leader: Walter Berendsohn (BGBM).
5.9.1 Define specimen access interface for taxonomists.
5.9.2 Implement access interface for taxonomists.
5.9.3 Interfacing the Web Portal with the CDM.


5.10 Software quality and usability testing. Leader: Martin Pullan (RBGE).
5.10.1 Coordination of software testing.
5.10.2 Software reliability testing.
5.10.3 Software usability testing.