Agreement on a long term, platform independent, document format

In order to insure a long term document recovery, the participants
will use the ISO Open Document Format (O.D.F.) for common texts,
presentations and spreadsheets.

An automatic conversion of proprietary formats (Word, Excel and
Power Point) will be provided as a front-end towards the long term

O.D.F. is designed as a XML format, allowing subsequent data mining by future independent applications.



    The ISTC meets once a year to ensure timely input for the planning of the next period of the EDIT project.

    6 ISTC Meeting will take place 19 January 2011 as side event of the EDIT year 5 event in Paris


WP5 Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy: tools, sharing, networking, and integration
WP5 Leader: Walter G. Berendsohn (BGBM)
WP5 Scientific Coordinator: Agnes Kirchhoff (BGBM)
WP5 Administrator: Karola Stemmer (BGBM)


Description of work (Months 36 - 53)
5.1 Integration of IST departments; over-all WP5 coordination. Leader: Agnes Kirchhoff (BGBM).


WP5 Participants


Tools for the nascent CDM community

The Common Data Model (CDM) is at the heart of the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy – based on the hard-won lessons from more than 10 years of modeling taxonomic data, it describes the information taxonomists process within the Platform.

EDIT Community Websites

The EDIT developer wiki now contains a new introduction to the planned Community Websites that allow webpublication of taxonomic data.

First EDIT Developer Meeting Agenda, September 6-7, 2007 in Berlin

The agenda and directions for the First EDIT Developer meeting in Berlin September 6-7th , 2007 is available here: http://dev.e-taxonomy.eu/trac/wiki/DeveloperMeeting2007

New WP5 Member (WP5.4)

We are delighted to welcome Dorottya Varsányi from the Hungarian Natural History Museum, London, to the WP5 team!

Dorottya Varsányi will be compiling test datasets from the book of Fauna of Aggtelek National Park and georeferencing that data. She is working together with Andras Gubanyi.

New WP5 Member (WP5.3)

We are delighted to welcome Julius Welby from the Natural History Museum, London, to the WP5 team!

Julius is part of the WP5.3 "Virtual Library of Taxonomic Literature and Documentation" team lead by Jane Smith (NHML).

For further information on the WP5 work plan please visit: http://cybertaxonomy.eu/blog/2007/04/04/workplan

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