More advances in EDIT Map Viewer

The EDIT team in Brussels (former in Madrid) is pleased to announce that the currently developed EDIT mapViewer ( already allows not only the upload of user point data, but also its filtering and symbolization. This is an essential and important difference between the last announcement (dated in 02/15/2008). The next step will be the integration of tools to make easier the printing of the resulting maps. The insertion of user data must be in a comma-separated-values text file format (CSV extension). This CSV must have at least Latitude and Longitude fields in decimal degrees, with datum WGS84 (the GBIF standard). Also a third field (usually Genus) in the CSV is required for further classification and symbolization. The system is currently designed to work with Genus and Species information, and these must be the third (and fourth) field in your CSV. You can try to work with other kind of fields, but you must allways have at least a third field in your CSV. The tool has been designed to be easy to use and have a good performance, allowing a nice interaction with the user. We think that taxonomists can produce nice information and maps using this tool. We encourage all of you to use it and give feedback, also in order to improve the tool. Please be aware that it's still a prototype and not yet finished at all. You can directly upload your CSV file or access to the Edit MapViewer Important: EDIT mapViewer functionalities don't work properly with InternetExplorer. Please use any other browser.