C5.070 (part2): Practical implementation of converter webservice that transforms point occurrence data to distribution data

This report provides an overview of the practical implementation of the transformation of point occurrence data to distribution data in the EDIT mapViewer, as outlined in the requirement analysis of the first report (C5.070).

C5.160 Meta-documentation report

This report presents available sources of documentation, code, tools and data related to the EDIT Geoplatform.

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C5.159 Report on functional and technical requirements for extended geoplatform functions

This report presents functional and technical requirements for extended EDIT Geographical platform functionalities and scientific modules (taxonomic, morphological, phylogeographical, paleontological).

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C5.158 Integration of Open OGC services, INSPIRE objectives and WP5 components in Geoplatform

This report describes the integration of Open OGC services, INSPIRE objectives and Work Package 5 (WP5) components in the EDIT Geoplatform tools.

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C5.157 Integration testing of various external data sets with the mapViewer tool

This report provides a description of possibilities of integrating and using external data with the EDIT Geoplatform tools, especially the EDIT mapViewer.

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C5.156 Comprehensive report on technical continuity and sustainability of Geoplatform tools beyond the EDIT project

This report describes plans, demands and suggestions for continuity and sustainability of Geoplatform tools beyond the EDIT project scope.

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C5.155 E-conference on future-proofing of the Geoplatform components

Overview of the current state of development in the Geotools, Overview the components still to do: MapViewer version 3, Map REST Services version 3,Mirroring of GeoPlatform server,Specific technical issues, bugs etc.,Work planning and documenting MapViewer version 3

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C5.112 Map REST Services further refined and fully integrated into EDIT Platform

The EDIT Map REST Service is a practical visualization tool for automated publication of the collated taxonomic data. The Service is operational, and yet undergoing a constant development in order to advance its capabilities and stability. The architecture is based on GeoServer + PostGIS as a maps source and ImageMagick as a visualization tool. The REST Service is extensively used in many EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy sites and are currently tested for the exemplar groups for the the African e-Flora exemplar project.

C5.111 MapViewer version 3: The EDIT MapViewer with enhanced functionality

The EDIT MapViewer, together with EDIT Map REST Service, is being established and developed under Work Package 5.4. It is an online toolbox for taxonomists, offering data visualization and analysis as well as maps preparation for publications. Since version 2 the tool has been ported to the OpenLayers framework. Moreover the MapViewer was migrated from CSIC’s server at Madrid to new server at Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) at Tervuren.

C5.154 Testing report on installation of a MapViewer Tool mirror

This report is to get an idea of the time, hardware and Software requirements for setting up and installing a MapViewer Tool mirror. It includes recommendations for the future use and sustainability of the service. This report has been compiled by James Davy and Franck Theeten with input from Patricia Mergen, and colleagues of the EDIT project.

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