EDIT/Key to Nature collaboration

The EDIT workshop that took place the
7th of February in Amsterdam and that followed a Key to Nature (K2N)
meeting (for more details see the news below entitled "EDIT
workshop report") was an opportunity to bring together
protagonists of EDIT and K2N. K2N is a project which main objective
is to enhance the knowledge of biodiversity at all educational levels
by providing common access to data and interactive educational tools
for the identification of organisms.  A collaboration between
EDIT and K2N has been considered and should first concern the
development of a knowledge base in the most languages as possible. A
knowledge base on aquatic insects built with the Xper2 taxonomic tool
has been chosen and will be tested by a school public.  This
knowledge base can be found in attachment both in English and in
French. To test it the Xper2 program need to be installed by using
the following link: http://lis.snv.jussieu.fr/apps/xper2/downloads/