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EDIT/Key to Nature collaboration

The EDIT workshop that took place the
7th of February in Amsterdam and that followed a Key to Nature (K2N)
meeting (for more details see the news below entitled "EDIT
workshop report") was an opportunity to bring together
protagonists of EDIT and K2N. K2N is a project which main objective
is to enhance the knowledge of biodiversity at all educational levels
by providing common access to data and interactive educational tools
for the identification of organisms.  A collaboration between
EDIT and K2N has been considered and should first concern the

Taxonomic tool comparison

In order to compare the most objectively as possible some of the taxonomic tools selected in a previous component (C5.47), 2 knowledge bases, one in zoology and one in botany have been translated into 4 taxonomic programs: Delta-Intkey, Linnaeus, Lucid and Xper2. These bases are available here: For the Delta-Intkey felin knowledge base click here. For the Delta-Intkey pinus knowledge base click here. Just click on the .ink file to open the knowledge bases.

EDIT workshop report

The current report summarizes the main facts of the WP5.6 workshop 5.48 from the 7th of February entitled "Workshop report on strategy for descriptive data tools as cross-cutting instrument for revisionary taxonomy".
Please download the report here

Questionnaire about taxonomic tools and taxonomist's experiences

In the EDIT context a questionnaire has been filled in by 12 taxonomists using or not taxonomic tools. It can be downloaded here
The results of this questionnaire will be used in order to suggest advices and recommendations for taxonomic tools. For the results click here
These interviews have been taken in charge by Jozef Plachy from Department of Zoology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University of Bratislava.

C5.49 First test results in the EDIT review environment

5 descriptive tools that should be integrated in the cybertaxonomic platform in the future have previously been selected in order to be tested.
This component provides tool providers and taxonomists point of view about these taxonomic tools.
This document can be downloaded here.

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