C5.66 Regional distribution map generation webservice for online and print quality maps released and available on-line

The regional distribution map generation webservice within the EDIT WP5.4 GeoPlatform is now available.  It allows taxonomists to generate regional distribution maps from their own point data uploads. It can be used for map-making in everyday taxonomic work, much as you would use a GIS system, but without the steep learning curve and complex interface of the latter.

Symbolisation, zoom level, map positioning and background imagery can be adapted on-line, so users can adapt the maps exactly as they require for their daily work and their publications.

When satisfied with the result, maps can be downloaded in print quality (colour or black and white) in various file formats: png, jpeg, gif, and pdf. This should cater for most preferences or publication guidelines.

Through an API interface, the same can be done using an automated web-service, so that these functions can be integrated into other websites and tools - such as the Toto BioCASE frontend at: http://search.biocase.org/toto/

The API allows the user to define different regional styles for visualisation of the data regions:

  • hatching
  • colouring
  • polygon fill
  • stroke
  • different kinds of polylines

All these functions can be addressed through simple URL parameters, in keeping with the REST state full programming philosophy.

The online tool is documented by means of a series of instruction videos available at http://edit.csic.es/info/edit_videos.html. See also the EDIT WP5 C5.41 report on the online tool documentation.

The REST webservice API is thoroughly documented in a wiki: http://dev.e-taxonomy.eu/trac/wiki/GeoRestService.

For more information, see also the report on the API documentation: EDIT WP5 C5.68.