C5.68 API Documentation for map generation webservices available

As described in the C5.65 and C5.66 component reports, an online GIS webapplication for taxonomic visualisation of point occurrences and regional distribution has been developed by CSIC, in collaboration with BGBM and RMCA, with two major constituents: (i) An interactive online tool for taxonomists, to visualise their data and download the result in a host of image formats (png, jpg,...) in print quality for publication. See the EDIT WP5 C5.66 report. (ii) A REST webservice offering the same functions in an automated way by means of an Application Programming Interface (API).

The REST webservice can be used for incorporating the MapViewer's visualisation services in other applications, such as presently in the BioCASE, SYNTHESYS, and EDIT specimen and observation data portals. A flexible array of map colours, textures, area stroke & fill styles will allow for the production of clear, attractive maps charting biological species occurrence. For a successful integration a good API documentation is paramount. Such documentation for this API is now online available at:


This WIKI documents in depth the API parameters and values for the various functions that the tool offers, i.e. layers,  areas,  grids,  styles,  occurrences,  map images, and stroke & fill. Example REST URLs are given, and areas for further improvement and extension of the API (still being improved) are indicated.