C5.43 Report on test data for the EDIT Geoplatform tools

This report provides an overview of possible test data for the EDIT Geoplatform tools, specifically the mapViewer tool. Examples are given in the Annexes to this report.

1. ATBI+M Datasets
The dataset contains 8804 records (situation December 2008) with 67 columns describing species collected in period 1979 - 2008 in France, Georgia, Italy and Slovakia with the help of CUB, IBSAS, SMNS, MNHN and local partners (Parco delle Alpi Maritime PNAM /Parc National de Mercantour /     ATBI+M Gemer). It is available in comma separated value (csv) format so it can be easily adjusted for being used in EDIT mapViewer and many other visualising / modelling software
packages. Extracts of the dataset are available through regional ATBI+M sites, for example:

2. ATBI+M related data sources
Accessed through http://www.atbi.sk/databases.htm

2.1 Slovak Taxonomic and Biodiversity Information Facility - Database of localities
Positions of localities in lat/lon notation, links to google maps for display.
The data set might be used for localising some of the collection sites, although it requires some effort to convert the data to a generic form.

2.2. Checklist of Non-Vascular and Vascular Plants of Slovakia
No spatial information is contained in this dataset, so currently this data set cannot be used with the mapViewer. Future versions where spatial information is added
could be useful for further testing.

Please read more about the following topics 3-6 here

3. Hungarian Natural History Museum

4. Plant data from IBSAS

5. Fauna Europaea

6. Data used at MIZPAN

ANNEX : examples of the different datasets