M5.29 Meeting of the geospatial group and EDIT developers (Report)

On January 26th, a small rather informal meeting was held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, back-to-back with the EDIT ATBI+M manual workshop.

This was a good opportunity, as the lead developer for the CSIC mapViewer tool (Pere Roca Ristol) was there, and Anke Hoffmann for the management part. The partners not physically present have largely contributed via the (geo and dev) mailing lists, and their comments and suggestions were taken into account for the workplan and the outcomes of the workshop.

Furthermore the workshop clarified some issues on the further planning of the ATBI+M manual book and the coming GIS & georeferencing course connected to the EDIT General Meeting (Christoph Häuser). So the workload implications for the EDIT geoplatform developers became clear, and planning and priorities could be adjusted accordingly.

A work division and component schedule was created (hereunder), stating the components for the work to come and assigning responsable institutes to each of them. Note that the absence of other institutes' acronyms does in no way imply that their contribution is not needed or appreciated: only that they do not take a leading role and component responsibilities other than supporting work and contributing data.

Generally, the work focuses on the mapViewer web tool optimisation and extension, and (more and more) on the integration of WP5.4 work into other EDIT initiatives and work packages (dissemination of knowledge, synergies, spreading the excellence, user involvement). This integration becomes clear in the joint geospatial training course planned right after the EDIT General meeting, in Muran (Slovakia Gemer region ATBI+M site). WP5, WP, WP7 and WP8 will be converging here, and the workshop will serve as a general rehearsal for the EDIT Summer School technical work, and a test case for the ATBI+M course texts on GIS and georeferencing. Moreover this material will be added to the EDIT training course lists, and serve for the upcoming DEST (DistributedEuropean Schoolfor Taxonomy) in WP8. So the integration and longevity of the efforts is assured.

Note also the further integration of the ATBI data into the geographical platform tools, as in C5.110 and C5.060 as well as in the milestone M5.37.