C5.060 ATBI site data linked to geoplatform

This report discusses the possibilities of linking the ATBI site data to the EDIT geoplatform. It partially builds on the report C5.107 - Specification for ATBI application of EDIT geotools. ATBI+M (All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring) is being established under the Work Package 7 - 'Applying taxonomy to conservation'. Amongst its responsibilities , ATBI+M recognizes a need for efficient biodiversity assessment and monitoring. Currently the gathered data is stored in a simple Access database. The datasets are also available at ATBI sites. The C5.43 - EDIT mapViewer test data sets report contains some useful information on ATBI data, availability and formats. The EDIT geoplatform comprises of two main components - REST map service and mapViewer. Both are operational although they are undergoing a constant development in order to improve their functionality and stability. Since both tools are designed for different usage they are described in separate sections below.