C5.072 Dynamically link GBIF data to core geoplatform allowing GBIF data to be visualised in addition to custom user data

The EDIT core geoplatform services (such as the mapViewer tool) are useful largely because they are able to communicate with other services and tools on the Web. For this reason, the EDIT software component development is always modular (for easy adding of new components) and standards-compliant (for example adhering to the WMS/WFS standard for geographical data interchange). One of the richest sources of biodiversity and taxonomic data on the Web is the GBIF portal, tapping into a wealth of specimen and species occurrence observation records from institutions all over the world. It was clear from the beginning of the EDIT geoplatform work that this resource could greatly enhance the usefulness of the taxonomic tools. User data points could be visualised along with the GBIF records for the same taxon to assess if the new fieldwork yields any new insights in the geographical dispersion.