C5.129 Data portal update for Platform version 3 ready

The release of the EDIT Platform 3.0 was focusing on technical improvements but also aimed in bringing the software to the scientific community. This necessitated increasing the dialog with existing and with new users in order to fulfil the special requirements of the different user communities. Despite the increased challenges many improvements have been implemented into the DataPortal software and into the CDM web services.

C5.144 Downloadable ready-to-install product bundles

The EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy is a growing suite of web services and software applications communicating on the basis of the Common Data Model API (Application Programming Interface). For end-users, the diversity of tools can be confusing, especially if they don’t have previous knowledge of how to process biodiversity data in a virtualized workflow. In order to alleviate this first step, we created three standard software bundles each covering a particular User scenario.

C5.099 Community store documentation for Platform release 3

The EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy is a suite of loosely coupled tools and services working together to support and optimize the taxonomic workflow. The core components of the platform from a user perspective are the CDM community stores which act as central data stores and are based on the Common Data Model (CDM). Several documentations are available for the different ways the community stores can be used.

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C5.095 Summary report on the development of content in the BD Tracker system

The Biodiversity Service & Application Tracker (BD tracker) is a collection of links to software, tools and resources useful to taxonomists (see also: M5.20a BD Tracker launched). The BD tracker was setup in the first project year and is now a Drupal based website. The links are categorised to types of software (application, data, link collection, tutorial) on one hand and to software categories (bibliography, collection management, descriptions, fieldwork, geospatial, keys, maps, nomenclature, taxonomy) on the other hand. Combined search options, e.g.

C5.155 E-conference on future-proofing of the Geoplatform components

Overview of the current state of development in the Geotools, Overview the components still to do: MapViewer version 3, Map REST Services version 3,Mirroring of GeoPlatform server,Specific technical issues, bugs etc.,Work planning and documenting MapViewer version 3

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C5.132 Full implementation of CDM Library functionality for the output of structured descriptive content in structured and textu

The CDM library offers a lot of elements and functionalities in order to help taxonomists store their data. However, at least two elements were missing: the possibility to generate a clear and easy to read output of these data, either for publication or simply to have a readable preview of a part of or even an entire database; the possibility to automatically generate identification keys from these data, which is an essential goal of taxonomists, since taxonomy is the science of classification.

C5.115 CDM power user interface fully functional

The EDITor (EDIT taxonomic editor) is offering a word-processor like approach to data input, trying to hide from users the complexity of the highly structured taxonomic data in the CDM (Common Data Model). However, in some cases users need specific data in a more list- or spreadsheet-oriented form which allows for quick browsing and correction of bulk data. This is particularly true when data was imported into the CDM store, a process that often results in duplicated or otherwise inconsistent data.

C5.112 Map REST Services further refined and fully integrated into EDIT Platform

The EDIT Map REST Service is a practical visualization tool for automated publication of the collated taxonomic data. The Service is operational, and yet undergoing a constant development in order to advance its capabilities and stability. The architecture is based on GeoServer + PostGIS as a maps source and ImageMagick as a visualization tool. The REST Service is extensively used in many EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy sites and are currently tested for the exemplar groups for the the African e-Flora exemplar project.

C5.111 MapViewer version 3: The EDIT MapViewer with enhanced functionality

The EDIT MapViewer, together with EDIT Map REST Service, is being established and developed under Work Package 5.4. It is an online toolbox for taxonomists, offering data visualization and analysis as well as maps preparation for publications. Since version 2 the tool has been ported to the OpenLayers framework. Moreover the MapViewer was migrated from CSIC’s server at Madrid to new server at Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) at Tervuren.

C5.101 Framework Implementation available for Platform release 3

The CDM Framework is a Java-based programming library that offers all functionality needed to persistently store data based on the Common Data Model (CDM), to edit the data and to make it available for other applications and thus to the public. The integrated framework Spring has been updated to version 3.0. This version includes major changes, one of them being the support for RESTful services. All features available in version 2.2 continue to be available in v. 3.0 and have already been described in C5.058. New features have been added and are available in version 3.0

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