WP5.1 Integration

2nd ISTC Meeting 13-14 September in Berlin (BGBM)

The second ISTC Meeting is scheduled to take place in the Botanical Museum and Botanical Gardens (BGBM) in Berlin during September 13 – 14, 2007 to ensure timely input for the planning of the third period of the EDIT project.

For more information on the ISTC please visit the ISTC Page.

Information Science & Technology Committee (ISTC)

ISTC is still looking for members from EDIT partner institutions. If you are interested in joining the ISTC or would like your institution to be represented please contact Malte C. Ebach (WP5 Coordinator) providing the name and contact details of the appropriate person. Typically this would be a person responsible for the institutions IT department, a biologist chairing the institutions IT group, or some similar responsible position.

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