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IBS announce the launch of the web page to download digital cartography

In order to promote the access to digital environmental data the last number of the IBS NEWSLETTER ( announces the launching of web page developed by the CSIC team within the EDIT 5.4, which allows us to download environmental cartography from diverse sources in a unified and standardized way (

Summary of the Taxonomic Editor workshop in Berlin, February 21-22, 2008

The notes of the Taxonomic Editor workshop held in Berlin, February 21-22, 2008 are now available at
The results of the workshop are currently in the process of being integrated into a design document for the first version of the Taxonomic Editor. The current draft of the design document can be found at, at the bottom of the page under "Attachments".

EDIT workshop report

The current report summarizes the main facts of the WP5.6 workshop 5.48 from the 7th of February entitled "Workshop report on strategy for descriptive data tools as cross-cutting instrument for revisionary taxonomy".
Please download the report here

Questionnaire about taxonomic tools and taxonomist's experiences

In the EDIT context a questionnaire has been filled in by 12 taxonomists using or not taxonomic tools. It can be downloaded here
The results of this questionnaire will be used in order to suggest advices and recommendations for taxonomic tools. For the results click here
These interviews have been taken in charge by Jozef Plachy from Department of Zoology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University of Bratislava.

C5.32 eConference on Geospatial Components of the Cybertaxonomy Platform

Report on the eConference between EDIT developers which took place the 30th of November 2007, within the framework of the Geospatial Component of the Cybertaxomy platform.

Please download the component here.

New Activity Leader for WP5.4 Geographical Components

Patricia Mergen (RMCA) will now be leading the WP5.4 geographical component activity in Belgium.

If you have any queries regarding WP5's geographical components please contact Patricia Mergen.

EDIT Community Websites

The EDIT developer wiki now contains a new introduction to the planned Community Websites that allow webpublication of taxonomic data.

WP5 Workplan (Description of Work)

A detailed EDIT WP5 Workplan (Description of Work) can be downloaded here. For a short summary of the workplan, please refer to the WP5 Workplan and Components and Milestones page.

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