C5.161 User documentation for the management and integration of descriptive data in the Platform for Cybertaxonomy

The CDM format and storage includes all types of data needed for the taxonomist’s work. The taxonomic editor was developed to edit these data with the exception of descriptive data, because for these efficient tools are available for more than two decades (see One of these tools (Xper2) is now able to run directly on the CDM classes and thus complements the Taxonomic Editor (EDITor). A user documentation describes how to edit and to use the descriptive data in the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy.

C5.159 Report on functional and technical requirements for extended geoplatform functions

This report presents functional and technical requirements for extended EDIT Geographical platform functionalities and scientific modules (taxonomic, morphological, phylogeographical, paleontological).

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C5.158 Integration of Open OGC services, INSPIRE objectives and WP5 components in Geoplatform

This report describes the integration of Open OGC services, INSPIRE objectives and Work Package 5 (WP5) components in the EDIT Geoplatform tools.

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C5.135 Report on the 5th ISTC meeting

This components reports about the 5th ISTC Meeting. Agenda: Version 3 of the Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy, Results of User testing, Platform perspectives beyond the EDIT project period, Future role and procedures of the ISTC, Presentation of LifeWatch and Europeana Open Up, Joint support strategy – building a common infrastructure for CETAF.

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C5.157 Integration testing of various external data sets with the mapViewer tool

This report provides a description of possibilities of integrating and using external data with the EDIT Geoplatform tools, especially the EDIT mapViewer.

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C5.149 Index of references User Review and Technical Review

This report presents the results of the user and technical review of the Global References Index to Biodiversity (GRIB). The EDIT ViTaL Activity, Work Package 5.3, aims at building an index of deduplicated references of library catalogues from natural history institutions libraries. The GRIB is designed to serve two groups of users: scientists and librarians.

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C5.156 Comprehensive report on technical continuity and sustainability of Geoplatform tools beyond the EDIT project

This report describes plans, demands and suggestions for continuity and sustainability of Geoplatform tools beyond the EDIT project scope.

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C5.165 Documented plan for co-ordinated usability testing with testing partners

This document sets out the intended schedule and method of the usability testing to be carried out on the Taxonomic Editor as part of the wider EDIT software testing activities.

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C5.131 Reliability and usability testing summary report

The Taxonomic Editor is part of the EDIT Cyberplatform of Taxonomy, designed to create useful tools for taxonomists and make the taxonomic revision process more efficient. Functionality and usability testing has been carried out to assess the performance and intuitiveness of the Taxonomic Editor. This report describes the testing process and presents summaries of the data collected.

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C5.163 Integration of additional functionality into web portals

Many improvements have been implemented into the DataPortal for the EDIT Platform 3.0 release (C5.129). Two of them are here described. 1.A special user interface element, the so called “External Links” - block, which allows accessing central services in an integrated way. 2. Display of structured descriptive data

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