WP5.6 & IdentifyLife Meeting in Paris

WP5.4 (MNHN) met with Kevin Thiele (Western Australian Herbarium) to discuss IdentifyLife and Lucid, a programme designed to manage descriptive data for identification.

In the context of EDIT, WP5.6 will start testing a range of descriptive programmes (e.g. Delta-Access, Delta-Intkey, EFG2, IKBS, Linnaeus II, Lucid, Navikey, Xper2 etc.) as well as having at least two knowledge databases that are accessible on these different systems. It appears that CSV files could be a possible way to exchange data between Lucid and Xper2 (i.e. SDD schema would be preferable in the future). WP5.6 results will appear on the WP5 blog.