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C5.64 Global background maps available in printing quality

The assessment of the needs of taxonomists in terms of Geospatial components and the e-conference previously held (see Component 5.32) indicated that there is a high interest in having access to camera ready maps for different publication means ( Websites, Presentations, scientific papers, large format maps, posters). The local post processing of maps for publication has been identified as being far from straightforward and often rather time consuming for non-specialists in GIS systems.

C5.07 A comprehensive EDIT standards list available online

Based on previous reports (D5.45, D5.46) a comprehensive list of standards supported by EDIT and in particular
the Platform for Cybertaxonomy, has been published on the web and will be
continuously updated, if necessary:

C5.32 eConference on Geospatial Components of the Cybertaxonomy Platform

Summary of E-Conference about the implementation of the Geospatial component
of EDIT WP5.4
Date: 30/11/2007 Via Skype

The component can be downloaded here

C5.05 Report from the second ISTC meeting


2nd Meeting, September 10-11, 2007

C5.04 Documentation of internal rules for hardware and software and IST resources of remaining EDIT partner

The documentation of the internal decision making
structures of the participating Information Science and Technology (IST)
departments, the documentation of internal provisions, rules and traditions for
the acquisition and use of equipment and software; and the documentation of
relevant hardware and software resources is thus essential:

M5.23 All EDIT institution libraries contacted with invitation to participate in ViTaL

On the 7th of February 2008, EDIT team leaders were contacted with the following call for cooperation for ViTaL (Virtual Taxonomic Library):

Dear EDIT team leader,

I am sure you will be aware that EDIT WP5.3 is currently creating the Virtual Taxonomic Library (ViTaL), which will be a key component of the EDIT platform.

ViTaL will make available three main services to taxonomists.
1. ViTaL's metasearch component will allow searching across a

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