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Taxonomic Editor workshop in Berlin, February 21-22, 2008

The workshop will be held at the BGBM to discuss on how best to design a new generation of Taxonomic Editor software improving the taxonomic work process and in particular the management of taxonomic concepts. Attendees will be users of the current Berlin Model Web Editor who deal in concept relations, namely Karol Marhold (Bratislava), Rudi May (BfN), Gerhard Ludwig (BfN), Walter Berendsohn (BGBM), Pepe Ciardelli (BGBM), Markus Döring (BGBM), Marc Geoffroy (BGBM), Andreas Müller (BGBM), and Eckhard Raab-Straube (BGBM).

Interested parties please contact Anton Güntsch

Tools for the nascent CDM community

The Common Data Model (CDM) is at the heart of the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy – based on the hard-won lessons from more than 10 years of modeling taxonomic data, it describes the information taxonomists process within the Platform.

EDIT Community Websites

The EDIT developer wiki now contains a new introduction to the planned Community Websites that allow webpublication of taxonomic data.

First EDIT Developer Meeting Agenda, September 6-7, 2007 in Berlin

The agenda and directions for the First EDIT Developer meeting in Berlin September 6-7th , 2007 is available here: http://dev.e-taxonomy.eu/trac/wiki/DeveloperMeeting2007

EDIT Developer Meeting 6-7th Sept

The first joined developer meeting for all EDIT developers (not only WP5) is scheduled to take place in the Botanical Museum and Botanical Gardens (BGBM) in Berlin during September 6 – 7, 2007. The technical aspects of the EDIT platform will be presented by WP5 and a discussion about how the different workpackages and activities fit into the platform is expected. For this all participants are asked to briefly present their activities.

More information will be available on the developer wiki shortly

Aims of WP5 Presentation

Walter Berendsohn gave a clarifying presentation about the aims of WP5 in Berlin during a meeting of WP5+WP6. The presentation is an introduction to the Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy, the overall aims of a European Network of Excellence project and the relations of WP5 with WP6 and CATE.

Species Model Workshop at GBIF 16-18.04.2007

WP5 is attending the Species Model Workshop at GBIF in Copenhagen 16-18th of April 2007. The species model standard that is being developed there will be used as a core standard to transmit data attached to species, e.g. distribution, ecology, reproduction biology, etc. For the pure nomenclatural and taxonomic part, TDWG's Taxonomic Content Schema (TCS) will be used to define species.

Recorder evaluation

WP7 is taking a look at the Recorder software to be used for the ATBI fieldwork and maybe also simple collection management. The software is currently undergoing many changes and there is a web based version planned too.

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