C5.164: Specimen access functionality fully integrated with platform components

The EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy now fully supports handling of specimen and occurrence data, from search and retrieval over import, editing to the publishing of this information.

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C5.91 CDM storage functionality [for specimen and observation data] implemented

Import of specimen data in the EDIT Common Data Model database:

The EDIT Specimen Explorer for Taxonomists (http://search.biocase.org/edit/) provides users with fast and easy-to-use access to worldwide biodiversity data, and offers full control over query expansion. The portal accepts one or more Latin names, suggests related query terms for both zoological and botanical data, expands the query accordingly and offers complete BioCASE portal functionality for resulting specimen and observation data (from the GBIF index).

M5.21a Operational specimen web portal

Since 2001, the GBIF (Global biodiversity Information Facility) has been networking worldwide biodiversity data and making them freely available on the Internet. Currently, more than 150 million records (from simple occurrence data to highly structured specimen observation) are indexed by GBIF and accessible through several web portals. Almost all records available via these systems include the Latin name of the organism; which is used as a primary search term.

C5.90 Inclusion of missing data items in GBIF index

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) was established to make biodiversity data openly and universally available. One of the products of GBIF is a central index database that stores a limited number of core data elements. Because original biodiversity data remain with the data providers, the data not stored in the index database can be viewed but not be searched.

C5.89 List of data items and searchable data items in existing portals

Compile the specimen access functionality of existing specimen access portals for zoological, mycological and botanical specimens. Attempt to develop a priority list of access points.

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