WP5.2 Platform Implementation

C5.10 (Formerly D5.2.2.2) Operational function model for ATBI+M

The current component captures all details of existing software processes, that are practiced for inventorying purposes under the taxonomic researcher community.

C5.08 Operational functional model for revisionary taxonomy

One of the central goals of Workpackage 5 is the creation of an internet platform for cybertaxonomy, a collection of online resources designed to enable the scientific community to practise taxonomic work online. In any project involving the design and creation of new software platforms, the first effort must be to fully understand the existing work processes that the software aims to facilitate. To this end, an investigation was undertaken into the current work practises in the field, captured under Component C5.08.

C5.09 Work process model for taxonomic inventories

This document describes the ATBI modeling details of the EDIT project, with special focus on inventorying activities. The description comprises two packages: the Targets package describes the structure of research target descriptions; the Inventory package describes the inventorying activities, first in a general viewpoint, then also for different branches (Algology, Bryophytology, Colepterology, Lepidopterology, Lichenology, Malacology). The report can be downloaded here .

C5.2.1.1 Draft functional model and bottleneck report for revisionary taxonomy

As of March 2007, 14 models have been produced from interview, eight of which have been reviewed and posted on the EDIT wiki. The interviews have been targeted towards the criteria for selecting candidates, as agreed at the modeller’s meeting in Berlin during September 2006. These were; geographical coverage, taxonomic group (2 interviews each), environment of taxonomic groups, techniques used, and size of organisation.
Details of these criteria appear in appendix 1. So far, progress is as follows:

WP5 Modeler's Meeting Budapest 07-08.05.2007

The WP5 Modeler's Meeting will be held at the Hotel Szent György Kúria, Budapest on 07-08.05.2007.

For more information concerning accommodation and travel to Hungary please contact Andras Gubanyi.

WP5.2, 5.7 and WP6 Meeting in RBGK - Report (22-23.01.2007)

WP5.2, 5.7 and WP6 meeting the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew to discuss the modeling effort of WP5.2, interactions between WP5, 6 & CATE and the WP5.7 communication tools platform.

To download the meeting report please click here.

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