What is the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy?

The EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy - a.k.a. the Cyberplatform - is a collection of tools and services which together cover all aspects of the taxonomic workflow. The workflow is grouped into the following areas: taxonomic editing; publishing of edited data; data storage and exchange; collections and specimens; descriptions; fieldwork; literature; and geography. At the heart of the Cyberplatform is the Common Data Model (CDM), a repository for every conceivable type of data produced by taxonomists in the course of their work, and the backend for most EDIT components.

The EDIT Platform Cybergate (pictured) offers a good overview of the Cyberplatform. It is a visual tool for showing how data is exchanged between the various components, and thus for plotting out individual taxonomic workflows within the Cyberplatform.

FAQ: Getting Started With the Cyberplatform is a good place for both taxonomists and technologists to begin familiarizing themselves with the Cyberplatform, with an eye towards implementing individual components in their institution.

The main Cyberplatform components - with links to more information - are listed below. Most links are to the developers' wiki, which contains mainly technical information and is of special interest if your institution is considering implementation.