WP5 Workplan (Description of Work)

A detailed EDIT WP5 Workplan (Description of Work) can be downloaded here. For a short summary of the workplan, please refer to the WP5 Workplan and Components and Milestones page.


  • Activity: A working group within the workpackage that is responsible for a series of operations (tasks) listed in the workplan (description of work). Each activity has an Activity Leader and a list of Components & Milestones. See also the Deliverables page.
  • Component: A software application (desktop or web based) for human users or a (web) service.

Aims of WP5 Presentation

Walter Berendsohn gave a clarifying presentation about the aims of WP5 in Berlin during a meeting of WP5+WP6. The presentation is an introduction to the Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy, the overall aims of a European Network of Excellence project and the relations of WP5 with WP6 and CATE.

WP5 Update 1

In last few weeks the WP5 team have been busy finalising the second 18 month EDIT budget and work plan (JPA). The new 18 month plan (see under About) has 5 new activities extrapolated from the original work plan. The new activities include WP5.5 lead by Anton Güntsch (BGBM) that deals with taxonomic core components; WP5.6 lead by Regine Vignes (MNHN) specialises in descriptive tools; WP5.7 lead by Robert Tolksdorf (FUB) investigates communication tools; WP5.8 lead by the BGBM deals with publications support tools and WP5.9 is investigating specimen access platform components.

The WP5 team have also completed two deliverables in the first 18 Month period (Months 0 - 11). These are WP5.2.1.1 (RBGK) Draft functional model and bottleneck report for revisionary taxonomy and WP5.3.1.1 (NHML) Existing Digital Library activity, principles and standards. The deliverables are currently available to all WP5 members on the WP5 wiki.

Components & Milestones

Planned and submitted Components and Milestones (until Month 59) Please note that submitted Components and Milestones are highlighted. Partners responsible for components and milestones are listed on the page WP5-Team. By clicking on the table headings the columns can be sorted.


EDIT and Work Package 5


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