WP5.6 Keys and Descriptions

Questionnaire about taxonomic tools and taxonomist's experiences

In the EDIT context a questionnaire has been filled in by 12 taxonomists using or not taxonomic tools. It can be downloaded here
The results of this questionnaire will be used in order to suggest advices and recommendations for taxonomic tools. For the results click here
These interviews have been taken in charge by Jozef Plachy from Department of Zoology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University of Bratislava.

C5.49 First test results in the EDIT review environment

5 descriptive tools that should be integrated in the cybertaxonomic platform in the future have previously been selected in order to be tested.
This component provides tool providers and taxonomists point of view about these taxonomic tools.
This document can be downloaded here.

M5.16 Criteria for descriptive tools agreed and published

Milestone M5.16 summarizes the main criteria on which the taxonomic tools test phase will soon be based of.
Criteria have been structured in five principles categories that are technical properties, knowledge representation, functionalities, user interface and some more general questions.
This list of criteria is non exhaustive and will still be modified after taxonomists interviews.
To download the milestone please click here

WP5 Meeting in Paris

A meeting was organized in Paris the 13th of june with WP5 partners in order to discuss on criterias to evaluate the taxonomic tools and to determine a list of taxonomists that could be interviewed about the descriptive tools concerned by the platform of cybertaxonomy.

We also spoke about the content of these coming interviews.

You can download the meeting report here

C5.47 List (website) of identified and to-be-tested descriptive tools

Component C5.47 gives an idea of the large number of taxonomic descriptive tools available on internet. Most of the time, these applications are very useful for a large public but don't provide enough specificities to be include as components of an IT cybertaxonomic platform. The component includes a short list of selected tools to be tested in the context of EDIT.
To download the component please click here

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