WP5.4 Geographic Tools

M5.28 Report on Guidelines to produce publication ready maps

This report has been compiled by Dominik Mikiewicz (MIZPAN) with contribution made by users of the wp5-geo-edit@mnhn.fr mailing list, especially Andreas Müller (BGBM), Pere Roca (CSIC) and Pablo Sastre Olmos (CSIC)

IBS announce the launch of the web page to download digital cartography

In order to promote the access to digital environmental data the last number of the IBS NEWSLETTER (http://www.biogeography.org/html/newsletter.html) announces the launching of web page developed by the CSIC team within the EDIT 5.4, which allows us to download environmental cartography from diverse sources in a unified and standardized way (http://edit.csic.es/GISdownloads.html).

WP5.4 developers meeting at Tervuren

on the EDIT WP5.4 developers meeting, Tervuren July 2nd 2008.

by Bart Meganck, RMCA.



Overview of current work in WP5.4

WP5.4 : a quick overview of who is doing what now, and how it fits together in the broader picture.

The central part in WP5.4 are the "geographic tools", providing taxonomists with an online platform for their daily work : processingdata, visualising data, preparing their publications. The interface should be very user-friendly, so people can use it regardless of their computer skills.

The most visible tool here is CSIC (Pere) work : the Geoplatform Mapviewer for data visualisation.

C5.64 Global background maps available in printing quality

The assessment of the needs of taxonomists in terms of Geospatial components and the e-conference previously held (see Component 5.32) indicated that there is a high interest in having access to camera ready maps for different publication means ( Websites, Presentations, scientific papers, large format maps, posters). The local post processing of maps for publication has been identified as being far from straightforward and often rather time consuming for non-specialists in GIS systems.

C5.32 eConference on Geospatial Components of the Cybertaxonomy Platform

Summary of E-Conference about the implementation of the Geospatial component
of EDIT WP5.4
Date: 30/11/2007 Via Skype

The component can be downloaded here

More advances in EDIT Map Viewer

The EDIT team in Brussels (former in Madrid) is pleased to announce that the currently developed EDIT mapViewer (http://edit.br.fgov.be/edit_wp5/geo/mapviewer/maps.html) already allows not only the upload of user point data, but also its filtering and symbolization. This is an essential and important difference between the last announcement (dated in 02/15/2008). The next step will be the integration of tools to make easier the printing of the resulting maps. The insertion of user data must be in a comma-separated-values text file format (CSV extension).

Advances in component C5.31 Application for distribution maps: Upload and display of user point data

An essential part of EDIT Work Package 5.4 (Geospatial Component) is the development of a free available and easy to use tool able to produce maps for those taxonomists not experienced in the use of GIS programs. Geographic information is nowadays an important part of the information associated with any collected or observed specimen, and this information constitutes an important source of data for basic and applied purposes. At present, this web based application is free available in the EDIT Geoplatform mapViewer (http://edit.csic.es:8080/edit_geo/prototype/edit.html) for the use of all taxonomist community. To divulgate its existence, this text is also published in the new issue of the EDIT Newletter (http://e-taxonomy.eu/files/newsletter7_0208.pdf)

C5.35 Report on predictive modeling and modeling algorithms

Predictive modeling and modeling algorithms.
Report compiled by Magda Zytomska, MIIZ PAS, Warsaw, Poland, with input from the EDIT WP5.4 geospatial component task group and EDIT WP5 developer group.

C5.32 eConference on Geospatial Components of the Cybertaxonomy Platform

Report on the eConference between EDIT developers which took place the 30th of November 2007, within the framework of the Geospatial Component of the Cybertaxomy platform.

Please download the component here.

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