WP5.6 & IdentifyLife Meeting in Paris

WP5.4 (MNHN) met with Kevin Thiele (Western Australian Herbarium) to discuss IdentifyLife and Lucid, a programme designed to manage descriptive data for identification.

In the context of EDIT, WP5.6 will start testing a range of descriptive programmes (e.g. Delta-Access, Delta-Intkey, EFG2, IKBS, Linnaeus II, Lucid, Navikey, Xper2 etc.) as well as having at least two knowledge databases that are accessible on these different systems. It appears that CSV files could be a possible way to exchange data between Lucid and Xper2 (i.e. SDD schema would be preferable in the future). WP5.6 results will appear on the WP5 blog.


WP5.2 and WP5.4 meeting (14-16 May 2007, Tervuren, Belgium)

Partners of WP5.2 and WP5.4 (Geospatial Components of the Cybertaxonomy platform) will organise a workshop at the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium (May 14 to 16 2007). The two first days of the meeting will be a working session of the involved GIS specialists to coordinate the activities, review the current achievements and check the interoperability of the products. On the 16th it is planned to have invited speakers reporting about the Field Module of the Recorder Software, considered to be used for the EDIT Cybertaxonomy Platform to manage ATBI (All Taxa Biodiversity Inventories) information.

Draft Agenda

How to access Museum and Hotel

Bus 830 Airport - Tervuren

WP5 & 6 Meeting in Berlin 17.04.2007

WP5 & 6 met on 17.04.2007 in order to discuss coordination activities including with CATE, which is a NERC (UK) funded etaxonomy project. The meeting overall was positive and has helped in determining the role of CATE and the WP5 work-package.

Species Model Workshop at GBIF 16-18.04.2007

WP5 is attending the Species Model Workshop at GBIF in Copenhagen 16-18th of April 2007. The species model standard that is being developed there will be used as a core standard to transmit data attached to species, e.g. distribution, ecology, reproduction biology, etc. For the pure nomenclatural and taxonomic part, TDWG's Taxonomic Content Schema (TCS) will be used to define species.

WP5 Modeler's Meeting Budapest 07-08.05.2007

The WP5 Modeler's Meeting will be held at the Hotel Szent György Kúria, Budapest on 07-08.05.2007.

For more information concerning accommodation and travel to Hungary please contact Andras Gubanyi.

Information Science & Technology Committee (ISTC)

ISTC is still looking for members from EDIT partner institutions. If you are interested in joining the ISTC or would like your institution to be represented please contact Malte C. Ebach (WP5 Coordinator) providing the name and contact details of the appropriate person. Typically this would be a person responsible for the institutions IT department, a biologist chairing the institutions IT group, or some similar responsible position.

WP5.2, 5.7 and WP6 Meeting in RBGK - Report (22-23.01.2007)

WP5.2, 5.7 and WP6 meeting the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew to discuss the modeling effort of WP5.2, interactions between WP5, 6 & CATE and the WP5.7 communication tools platform.

To download the meeting report please click here.